4 “barely an aa”

“Barely an aa… embarrassing useless flattie”

You look disgusting. At least your brain must be a bit larger than your chest is big because you’re clever enough to know that you should be ashamed of your chest. You have the flattest chest one can imagine. It is absolutely, 100 percent unattractive and a massive turnoff even for the horniest men. To attract some sexual attention and get cocks hard, you will really need to work insanely hard and flush your honor and your dignity down the toilet. That is, if you have any left – after what must be a lifetime full of bullying from real women.

6 thoughts on “4 “barely an aa”

  1. Becker

    Maybe if she’s lucky, a pedophile will mistake her for a young boy and rape her virgin asshole. But probably only ever in her perverted fantasies. I don’t think any actual human would ever be desperate enough to touch that.

  2. Dexter

    “She” can’t give any pleasure at all. No man will be satisfied with such miniscule chest. Those would be barely considered breasts, they don’t even hang because there’s no mamary glans there, the skin is directly attached to the muscle.


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