52 – Drinking pee is all this flatty craves (part 5)

She is so desperate that she is drinking her own pee to get attention from strangers online who laugh at her

In this last post, you could watch this virgin pee in a glass from her freshly shaven pussy. (Thanks for pointing out this ridiculous fact in the comments).

Now, the time has come for her to drink the mess she created.

It’s almost cute to imagine how she has gathered all her strength and courage, probably not masturbated for a few days to let her horniness help her overcome her disgust before she could complete her task.

Apparently this flatty has now accepted her own worthlessness

After the first few posts in which you could guess this flatty’s gender, laugh at her tiny and misshapen tits and make fun of her swollen, cock-like clitoris, she at first rebelled and misbehaved.

But nature has deliberately made her pathetic and inferior, and sooner or later, like all flatties, she had to accept this fact.

She now seems to have finally come to her senses and accepted her place:

Thanks to your posts and their cruelty, I have accepted the fact that I will never have my vagina used. It is ugly and cannot even be redeemed by nice tits, so I do not have anything to offer. 

– Flatty 52

She is now so addicted to pee, she even lets her friends pee in her mouth

Let’s hear her talk about her journey in her own words:

A friend and her husband had been talking about pissing on someone in a sexual way (my friends are way too open with their talks, though this was the first one that was not completely weird to me), but my friend was absolutely disgusted. When they talked about it, I expressed being interested in trying things out, so that led to going to their home.

I was told to take my clothes off which was humiliating, and then they took off theirs, which was also a little bit of a shock because I had never seen someone else naked in real life.

Although they didn’t say anything specific (luckily!), my friend did cup my breasts and say “look how cute these are”, which was pretty cruel considering she has amazing breasts.

She kind of pushed me gently to my knees and her husband stood in front of me, so I was eye level with his penis. She held my jaw and opened my mouth and he aimed at me and pissed.

Men’s piss tastes very different, it was so strong and smelled so awful but my friend closed my mouth forcibly and I took that to mean I needed to swallow it. This whole thing seemed to really excite them because they started kissing each other and then went from the bathroom to their bed. Completely humiliating to be sitting naked in their shower with the taste of piss in my mouth. Still definitely a virgin but defiled.

I wanted to share this since you are essentially the reason that I got there, and even though it is unpleasant, I thought that you might want to hear how effective your posts and comments were.

– Flatty 52

Are you also flat-chested and want to learn to accept your place just as her?

You, too, can have your confidence ruined and dignity destroyed if you have less than C cups

Share your thoughts about this pathetic, worthless virgin in the comments. And if you are as flat and pathetic as her, consider getting exposed as well.

10 thoughts on “52 – Drinking pee is all this flatty craves (part 5)

  1. Daddy4BigTits

    Piss is exactly what flatties deserve to drink. To this flatty I am proud of you for admitting you were wrong to say no originally. You should always submit to what you’re told. Flatties don’t deserve to say no. I also want to go back to the comments about your freshly shaved pussy. Yes you were humiliated in the comments for your Bush last time. Because it’s fucking disgusting. Body hair is masculine so why the fuck would anyone want to see it on your womanhood, but you’re not a real woman are you? No you’re a fucking flatty and you don’t deserve have a bald feminine pussy. You and all flatties that post here should have your pussies covered in thick hair to further show just how disgusting and unfeminine you really are. You deserve to read about how fucking disgusting your gross hairy cunt is. Because the real women with big beautiful natural breasts get to have beautiful bald pussies, not you. They are better than you. Real women grow big beautiful breasts. You failed as a woman. Every woman with big natural breasts deserves to know she’s better than you.

    1. 52 Maya

      Your comment is so harsh but true. I hope you will be pleased to know that my hair grows back really quickly so I have a full bush again, as disgusting as that is. As has been mentioned, there is no reason for me to shave, nobody will ever see it, and I should not get to have a nice bald pussy. Thank you.

    2. 57

      That’s what my owners have chosen for this cow. I have a large amount of cow fur, pretty much all over. That’s what I deserve.

  2. Dadd4BigTits

    52, I want you to respond to my comment. You know you have no right to ignore a request. Do you understand everything I said, you flat chested piece of shit? Did you get wet reading my comment? Do you cry and masturbate at the same time, as you get off to thoughts of how inadequate your tits are?

  3. nilo

    The more I see you the more I think you look like a boy. The first time I saw you naked I thought your face was at least kinda cute, thought there was something to redeem you and I tried to jerk off thinking about cumming on your beautiful face but I got turned off everytime I stared at your small breasts and big clit. Now that I got this angle you look really hideous and I regret even trying to masturbate with your pics. I hope you enjoy the piss because I don’t think you’ll get more from any man.

  4. Dadd4BigTits

    Maya next time you’re asked to do something here, do it immediately, show your disgusting Bush to be humiliated and show your face. This will make daddy very proud of you. Do you understand you flatty piece of shit?

  5. Cmax

    52 needs to gets into slave position with your face shown. What’s the point hiding when you are already drinking piss?

  6. Daddy4bigtits

    I agree 52 is going to be the one to do it. She’s going to show her face like a good flatty.

  7. TryANewKink

    Sigh. Where to start on this one? Firstly, I reviewed all the posts about her, studied her photos in detail. I’m glad she’s shown her tits and cunt (and not trying to be coy by hiding them with underwear or her hands) but I wonder if her anus is just as cringe-worthy. At the very least, she should learn to show it off and gape it so it can also be used as a urinal. And thank god she shaved that forest of pubes (not to mention that obvious line of hair around and above her belly button). She really needs to shave her pits too. She needs all the help she can get to be more feminine and hairy pits ain’t gonna cut it. Is she trying to pretend she fits in with her feminist friends? Darling, you sent your photos to be humiliated – your feminist friends would disown you if they found out. Let’s face it: you are desperate for male attention. And posting here is really the only way you will get it.
    Do you really enjoy the taste of your piss? By how you wince and have to force each gulp down, my guess is no. But I applaud your effort and encourage you to keep it up. Practice makes perfect. Once you develop a taste for your own piss, maybe you can drink a man’s piss without making an embarrassing spectacle of yourself. If you can perform a simple sex act and look like you enjoy it, maybe men will pay more attention to you and you may finally lose your virginity when some nice guy takes pity on you. God, now I’m imagining your tits flopping around as you get plowed. I gotta stop here before I vomit.


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