40 – This fat cow gets used by random strangers online

Fat woman without tis and with unshaved pussy exposes and humiliates herself with insults written on her body
It’s really hard to find a “woman” more ugly and unattractive than this fat cow

Flatty number 40 was already exposed a number of times:

Clearly, something is terribly wrong with this flatty. Not just fit her fat, ugly, titless body, but also with her mind – no self-respecting woman would ever complete the tasks she did, not even for a million dollars – and she begs to be allowed to lick toilets, desperate for any attention.

No wonder this ugly cow is still a virgin

Do you want to know if your tits are as ugly as hers? Then get exposed and let the world rate your ugliness

With a body that looks more like a ship wreck than a woman, it’s no wonder that she is still a virgin, despite being 27 by now.

The only thing she can do to achieve any kind of sexual satisfaction is humiliate herself in front of strangers who otherwise wouldn’t even look at her and only pay attention because they laugh at how low a woman can sink:

Since I exposed my self on your website for the first time, I have developed a fetish for being humiliated. I didn’t know i had it before. Actually it’s any kind of attention for my body that I crave.

I am still a virgin and I am 27 now. I am so desperate for attention that I joined some chatting apps and started begging strangers for sexual attention for free. I do whatever they ask me to do.

Most of them are not interested in my body and those that are want me to be punished for having an ugly one. They are random strangers only using me for an hour online and then disappearing.

– Flatty 40

“I’m an ugly cow with ugly udders”

It’s hard to find something with her body that’s not wrong

It’s really hard to find some part of her body that looks good.

Her tits are absolutely tiny, and the areola are way too big. Even when she is pushing them up with her elbows, they look like small man boobs at best.

She is fat, and she is hairy.

And even if she were good looking, no man could respect a woman that licks toilets and drinks toilet water.

What other flaws do you find with her body? Make fun of her in the comments

Fat flat-chested woman with hairy cunt and legs shows her tiny tits and is clearly aroused from the exposure
An ugly cow with ugly udders

Most likely, you need to vomit right after seeing her pictures. Once you come back from cleaning yourself, let her know how ugly she is in the comments. She clearly deserves it.

10 thoughts on “40 – This fat cow gets used by random strangers online

  1. Daddy4BigTits

    40 you’re absolutely useless as a woman. The only thing you’re good for is being humiliated. Your tits are so fucking small that no one would ever think of you as a woman. You’re a flatty piece of shit. You’re going to do whatever is asked of you without hesitation isn’t that right flatty? Answer me. Ask me what you can do to make me proud of you.

    1. 57

      What can I do for you? I’m fat and flat. Even have my own tag on this site “fat and flat”. I’ve been bred, as I’m a HuCow. But, I’m still a slave.

  2. David

    Wow, this “woman” is the total package—literally every aspect of her body is undesirable. Shall we go down the list?

    -Her entire body has a weird and off-putting complexion
    -Her arms are hairy and flabby
    -Her tits are virtually nonexistent: small, yet somehow droopy, with hilariously oversized areola that were clearly meant for a different pair of tits.
    -She’s fat in the middle with a spare tire for a stomach
    -her cottage cheese thighs look like hairy tree trunks
    -Where does her pubic hair begin? It’s impossible to tell because she’s hairy literally everywhere.

    I legitimately feel badly for you, 40. Maybe some of these things can be fixed, but others you’re just stuck with. Sucks for you that you drew the short straw in the Shitty Body Awards.

  3. Trololo

    I wanna use this ugly bitch too! I would like see more videos of her licking toilets like the unwanted and ugly bitch she is. How many time will pass until she finally tricks a poor unfortunate guy to fuck her?


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