64 – Her chest is so flat that she was called ironing board at school (part 2)

Flat-chested blonde is lifting her top to expose her non-existent tits and rock hard nipples
When real women lift their tops, their tits appear – when this flatty lifts it, all one can see are two nipples and a birthmark

In the last post, flatty 64 already admitted that she doesn’t have any tits and deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed.

In this post, it is time to learn more about her inadequacies as a “woman” and the bullying and humiliation she rightfully had to suffer as a consequence.

With her birthmark, it’s almost impossible to tell where her actual tits are

Flat-chested woman gets aroused and wet from having her tits put on display
Even her constantly hard nipples fail to draw any attention to her flat chest

But before learning more about the humiliating experiences from her past, it is important to analyze her inadequate looks in more detail.

The funniest thing about her tits is the birthmark that she has above the nipple on her right tit in the picture.

The birthmark is almost the exact same size as her nipple, and it is also in the same position, just a little bit higher. Because it is darker than her nipples and her actual tits are completely shapeless, at first sight, her birth mark looks like her real nipple.

The only reason that one is able to tell her “tits” start much lower is the fact that, luckily for her, she only has one birthmark, and not two. Otherwise, her real tits would be completely invisible on pictures.

What other deficiencies and unattractive parts of her body do you find particularly hilarious?

Do you want to find out if your tits look as ridiculous as those of flatty 64? Then it’s time to submit pictures and get exposed

“On a school trip, I was called ironing board Kim by the boys”

Flat-chested woman standing next to an ironing board with humiliating writing on her body
The only thing flat-chested women are good for is as ironing boards

Let’s find out more about her most humiliating experiences in her own words.

What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”? 

“There are several. On a school trip, when I was 17 or so, I was called Ironing Board Kim by the boys. And once a man, when I undressed in front of him, said that he would not have thought that my tits are so small and that he is no longer interested in me because of them.”

How did you react and feel when they called you ironing board Kim? How did the other girls react?

“I was pretty pissed off and said something like ‘not even hair on your cocks yet, but big talk.’ The other girls were giggling, of course. I drowned my frustration in red wine.”

What happened when you undressed, did the man just leave, how did you feel? 

“We kissed and cuddled a little. Then we slowly undressed. When I took off my bra, I could immediately see from his look that it was not what he wanted to see. He then said that he wants to be honest, that he likes bigger breasts and that he could not continue. That was a very intense situation for me. I felt really ashamed.

Let’s hope that her school mates would enjoy seeing her exposed and humiliated online next to an ironing board

Blonde with tiny breasts has written "ironing board" on her tits because that is how she was called in high school
Flatty 64 has written “ironing board” on her flat chest

How would you have reacted if you took a woman home and then suddenly realized that she doesn’t have any tits? How would you react and feel if you discovered one of the flatties from your class exposed and humiliated online, with the nickname you gave her written on her “tits”?

Share your thoughts, ideas and insults in the comments.

21 thoughts on “64 – Her chest is so flat that she was called ironing board at school (part 2)

  1. David

    Sorry, but I think Kim might have sent you the wrong photos. The post references things like “her tits,” but there are no tits visible in any of these pictures. Did you perhaps mistakenly upload the wrong photos?

    1. 64

      Thanks for your message and asking if I sent the wrong pictures. I am very sorry and ashamed, but they are the right photos and what you can see are my non-existent tits.

      1. David

        I have some other ideas of fitting punishments for you. Hit me up offline if you wish at nextsoft20000 at outlook dot com and we can continue this conversation.

  2. LaughingOutLoud

    These pictures are really hilarious how can a flat ironing board like that possibly think that she would be attractive?

      1. Patrik

        You are just a parody of a woman. There is only one way to call you beta female. I think your cunt has a lot of flaws too

  3. Xy

    It’s especially disappointing when a curvier girl has no tits, it just looks ridiculous. To make matters worse the areolas are way too small. No way I’d be able to hide the look of disappointment on my face seeing those, I feel bad for that guy you got all excited only to find nothing worth looking at. You deserve punishment & humiliation for what you did to him.

    1. David

      My question is, why did the guy think she actually had tits? What was she wearing that would have given him that impression? I don’t think “women” like Kim should be able to wear bras and tops that make it appear as if they have something they do not. It’s false advertising, and only leads to frustration and disappointment. “She” clearly doesn’t need a bra at all, but if she’s going to insist on wearing one she should be permitted nothing more than a training bra or A cup. Anything larger should only be permitted for actual women who possess actual tits.

        1. X5xx

          to be honest i don’t think the name kim ironing board really fits. Ironing boards have a use that cannot be said of your lack of chest.

          the man did absolutely the right thing. Better not to have sex at all than with a breastless creature like you.

          it would have been even better if he laughed at you or if your classmates caught on and humiliated you further.

    2. 64

      Thank you for your message and I agree with you. I should be punished for this. I think that the display of my ugliness on this website is the beginning.

      1. X5xx

        You are right, but it can only be the beginning, there should be much more to come. Here are a few suggestions:

        1 as soon as men talk to you for a long time or you feel that they are flirting with you, you should tell them that your breasts are tiny and ugly. so you won’t be disappointed later.

        2. You contact your former classmates and thank them. At least they made you aware of it. That your tiny boobs are ridiculous and only good for being humiliated.

        3. You write to your biggest enemy that you’ve always been jealous of her breasts because you’re the breast size of a 12-year-old boy.

        4. You should show your whole body here to see that even a pretty pussy couldn’t save you anymore.

        Which of these tasks do you feel confident about and what other ideas do you have to humble yourself further?

  4. 089-er-m

    Absolutely loved the picture with the ironing board and the arrows drawn on the body pointing towards the board an the non-existing “tits”.

    And i had a great laught about the last pic.
    A desperate attempt by 64 to make it look like she actually has tits (which she doesn’t).
    Bending over usually makes real tits look big an desireable.
    But here it only looks pitiful and shows that 64 only has about 1/4 of a handful to “offer”.

    64, i’d love to chat with you. Message me: 089er (at) gmx (dot) de

  5. JD

    I think having her tits exposed here for us all to laugh at is the best thing that could have happened to her. I’m hoping these pictures have been cropped so her pussy can be exposed here too at another time

  6. Ed

    Wow you really do look like a boy. What you should probably do now is just stick to men’s clothes and cut your hair short. At this point is just embarassing that you are trying so hard to be a girl when you are clearly not

  7. Kikpassenger

    The picture next to the ironing board is the funniest I have ever seen here since a long time ago! Which one is the board and which one is you? Hahaha. I really would love to know about more humiliating situations you have lived because of your inadequate tits! You should have really apologized to that man that ran away. I once lived a similar situation: the woman took off her bra and suddendly I realized she was using heavily a padded one. Personally I don’t have anything against small tits but I felt like she had been tricking me so I didn’t want to have sex anymore. I hope she felt ashamed of herself, like you felt!

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