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16 Flattie in need of a boob job

It is a mystery how this hardly-an-a-cup-flattie can muster up the courage to go out in a bikini to work on its tan. There must be countless people who whisper about her behind her back. Every time she hears somebody laugh, chances are high that they are laughing at her; every time somebody glances at her, it’s most likely a glance of disgust.

Only after a boob job will she be able to wear a bikini without having to second guess every comment or glance, and without the terrible feeling of inadequacy and insecurity growing stronger every second.

The next time you see a flattie in a bikini, make sure you let them feel their inadequacy. Laugh at them, look at them with a mixture of pity and disgust, or, if you’re a woman with actual tits, squeeze them and make sure she becomes painfully aware of what she’s lacking.

15 No tits but really hard nipples

This wannabe slut has such ridiculous and embarrassing tiny tits. Even when she is leaning forward. Her tits are hardly visible and do not even cast a real shadow. Although she doesn’t look very fit and certainly doesn’t work out on a regular basis – and probably not at all – the tiny biceps on her left arm is almost bigger than her even more tiny tits.

Worst of all, she craves humiliation so much that the thought of having her flatness exposed to the world gets her horny and makes her nipples as hard as they are ever going to get. Too bad that she still won’t find anyone to play with them – after all, who would voluntarily touch a flat chest if he could play with some real tits instead?