66 – “Re-enacting the scene humiliated me a lot and I had that feeling of shame again” (part 2)

This is what flatty 66 looks like when re-enacting one of her most humiliating high school experiences

In the last post, we could already read about flatty 66’s own self-assessment and her realization that she has small tits and an ugly face.

As promised, the time has now come to learn about her high school bullying, her masturbation habits and her sad, sexual history.

Let’s start by hearing about her bullying experience in high school

Here is how she describes her most humiliating experience in her own words:

Already in school I was always the flattest in our class, and also in all the other classes. I already had “breasts” at the age of 12, but they did not develop further since. 

Some guys once made a drawing on the blackboard: on the one side, there were large breasts with the subtitle “women’s breasts”. Next to it, there were two small points with the title “Saritha” (my name). That was very embarrassing and very humiliating

– Flatty 66
Not even when she is turning her back is it possible to forget how small and ugly her “tits” are

Even for a stranger, it is painful to think about how humiliated she must have felt as a young teenager.

Her entire class realized how inadequate her tits were, and they openly made fun of her by making humiliating – yet accurate – drawings of her most undeveloped body part on the blackboard, for everyone to see.

Her ugly, tiny tits clearly deserve all the laughter they received

These “tits” are an extremely ugly, uninviting sight

One thing becomes immediately clear from looking at her naked chest: all the laughter, humiliation and ridicule she received was completely justified.

In fact, she can consider herself lucky that she was not humiliated even further.

If the boys had seen her naked, they would not only have made fun of the size of her “tits”.

Were you also bullied because of your tiny tits? Then now is the time to get exposed and find out if you actually deserved it

They would also have found more than enough reason to laugh about her areola, which are too big for tits this small.

And most importantly, they would have laughed at her gigantic nipples, which look completely misplaced on her upper body.

“I was something like the slave of a slave”

When she is lying down, her tiny tits look even tinier

Despite being this ugly, flatty 66 so far had sex with twelve men and two women. Let’s hear about it in her own words:

I had sex with twelve men and two women. Except for the first few times, it was exclusively in a BDSM context, in which I took the obedient, subordinate role. That I get insulted and humiliated is self-evident.

The two women were submissive wives of men who wanted to live out their dominant side. So I was something like the slave of a slave.

– Flatty 66

In a “normal” context, nobody has any sexual interest in a flatty as ugly and inadequate as her. Only when she is willing to be humiliated and abused does she arouse any even remotely sexual interest in others.

It is no wonder that, given this, flatty 66 has become addicted to masturbation. Every day, she gets completely naked and masturbates.

It is a mystery how she can do that without getting completely turned off by the sight of her ugly chest.

Did you expect her tits to be this ugly?

What thoughts went through your mind when you saw the re-enactment of the humiliating drawing from her school time? What did you think when you saw her ugly, inadequate tits?

Share your thoughts and insults in the comments.

16 thoughts on “66 – “Re-enacting the scene humiliated me a lot and I had that feeling of shame again” (part 2)

  1. X5xx

    The huge nipples and areolas look like hubcaps with the non-existent tits.

    The way she looks and presents herself, she hasn’t had sex, she’s just been used. But nobody seems to want even that anymore and all you can do is use yourself.

  2. David

    They say the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy. And that’s exactly how I feel when I see your naked body, 66: I can’t be bothered to care. Yeah, your nipples and areola are comically oversized for your tiny breasts, but what stands out about your body is that NOTHING stands out. You’re a complete non-entity. It’s rare when I see the body of a naked female and feel nothing, but that is the effect (or non-effect) your body has. It’s like looking at a plain, featureless white wall; I can’t recall a single thing about it. Your tits, abs, hips, ass…literally nothing is memorable. You’re one of those rare women who could stroll outside fully naked and completely carefree, because no one would care and no one would bother you. Why would they, when your body is so vanilla? You aren’t even worth harassing. Poor thing.

    1. 66

      Dear David, Sir,

      I am very sorry that you do not notice me. Unfortunately, you are absolutely right about everything you said about me. I have nothing at all to offer as a woman.


  3. Reviewer A


    I am very glad that you have learned your place. While it is shocking that you have found 14 people who have been willing to use you, at least it is in the context of you submitting to your pathetic stature and allowing even slaves to humiliate and dominate you. Tell us which experience you prefer.

    As to the specifics of your body, your oversized nipples and areola are laughable on those mosquito bites and although you appear to be proud of your ass, even that is too flat to draw any eyes. You say your face is a match for your body. It is incumbent on you to complete your humiliation and put a face to that name.

  4. Nikki

    I am not surprised she is a masturbator these days. In her teens maybe she could get laid. But now she’s lucky she has fingers

  5. Master Red

    They don’t qualify to be called tits do they? Bee stings perhaps – but even a bee would be hard pressed to bother stinging those pathetic appendages. So why should we even care about her?

    How do they compare in size to an apple? a tomato? an egg? Show us so we can have a good laugh .

    They can’t be classified as tits unless they can be tightly tied – can you do that. I would suggest clipping pegs onto them but there is nothing to attach them too. Try rubbing chili oil into them. That way you might feel like they are there, even if we can’t see them

      1. Master Red

        Just as I suspected. You need someone experienced to guide you.

        Try a strong rubber band and see what happens. You need to do something to make us notice you.

        Still, on the bright side, I guess you save money by not needing to buy bras

        1. 55

          The rubber band didn’t stay. I wish it did, but it slipped off. I haven’t needed a bra in years. Cows don’t wear bras.

          1. Master Red

            OK, well we’ll have to turn the atention onto your nipples. Rubber bands and clothes pins. You should probbly be able to mke a nice arrangement of clothes pins around your nipples in the useless flesh masquerading as tits. Start with 2, one on each side of the nipple.

    1. Master Red

      And how was that?

      Next you should try and tie a length of string to the clothes pins. Then you can push the string away from your body so it pulls the nipples and stretches out whatever excuse for tits you have. And as an alternative you can attach something weighty to the string and bend forward so gravity helps too. Report back on how that works out.

        1. Bold

          Oh you are the fat bitch right???

          i want to get exposed like you too… You sound like you are having fun

  6. Eric

    Your tits are small and pathetic. How can a guy tit-fuck you with those little things? Maybe if he has a very small dick he could. You should never wear a bra and show every guy and gal out there how small your tits are. We can all point at you, stare at them, and laugh. “Look, she’s showing off those tits – or trying to. She doesn’t have any!”


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