67 – This “scared little girl” keeps deleting her account out of shame (part 1)

Unfortunately, her naked tits look as unappealing and boring as this picture might suggest

In the dictionary under “shame”, there is probably a picture of this flatty. She first reached out to be, begging to be exposed and humiliated.

She sent the mandatory picture with “smalltitshumiliation.com” written on her flat chest that all flatties have to submit to get exposed.

Yet when I instructed her to send additional pictures, she had deleted her account.

After a few weeks, she came back, begging to get exposed again

But not much later, she regretted her decision and begged once more to get exposed:

Hi how are you? I sent you pictures of my flat tits to get myself exposed and humiliated a couple weeks ago, but then I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I deleted my account. However I can’t stop myself from checking your website pretty much every day, secretly hoping that you exposed me anyways. So I’m back. I need to face my fear and experience the deep embarrassment that I know I really need and deserve.

– Flatty 67

She was to pathetic and desperate for exposure that, when I didn’t immediately reply, she kept writing me, asking if I had gotten her message.

At first, I made her apologize for her misbehavior

An apology letter of a flat-chested woman for having deleted her account after having begged to get exposed and humiliated online for her inadequacy
This is the pathetic apology letter that flatty 67 has written after her first shame-attack

As an appropriate apology, I ordered her to write a few sentences in her nicest handwriting. This is the pathetic outcome of this exercise. At least – one might think – that she has finally learned her lesson and got her shame under control.

Yet, after she submitted some additional pictures of her tiny tits and unused pussy, she deleted her account once more.

Let her know what you think of her behavior and her ugly body in the comments

Let her know what you think of flaky flatties in the comments.

And come back soon. In the next post, I’ll tell about her ridiculous, embarrassing attempts in high school to make her tiny tits grow – and you’ll see some picture of her trying it again.

10 thoughts on “67 – This “scared little girl” keeps deleting her account out of shame (part 1)

  1. Reviewer A

    67, you are such a failure. You cannot function as an attractive woman and even from one partial photo, we can tell that you are nothing but dull, flat, and flabby. You cannot function as a humiliation slut, since you keep running away before you can accept and be seen for the nothing that you are. Even your apology note is boring and pathetic.

    Please tell us what you think you have to offer as a woman, because I see nothing right now.

  2. Master Red

    All this “yes but no but yes but no” is so tedious. Put up or shut up. Show us what you (don’t) have and let us decide quite how pathetic you are – but stop running away.

  3. David

    So, here’s the thing about women like 67: they think they can just decide to “stop playing” and nobody will ever know what they really are. But what they don’t realize is everyone already knows. We see you out at the grocery store, or the coffee shop, or walking to lunch. We can tell even when you’re wearing clothes just how little you have on your chest and how disproportionately your body is shaped. Nothing is truly hidden; we can tell you have no tits. So sharing pictures here is simply a confirmation of what the world already knows. By declining to provide photos, you aren’t protecting anything—you simply look more pathetic.

  4. Embarrassed Flatty

    I’m the flatty in these pictures. I’ve come back and checked the website a few times after deleting the email I used to send the pictures to make sure I haven’t been posted and thought I was in the clear from being exposed. My face is bright red with embarrassment right now and my heart is racing to see that I’m on the website now for all to see and that there’s more coming. At the same time there’s a part of me that’s excited for the humiliation to come. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to control it. I really thought I deleted the email account in time, please please please don’t post the other pictures I sent you. I’m absolutely mortified

    1. Reviewer A

      You should be embarrassed. That is the first part of this that you have gotten right. You have no more control and we are all waiting to see your shame and laugh at you pathetic excuse for a body. It is time for you to embrace yourself in front of the world.

    2. SeeJay

      You’ve no control over the remaining pictures, they are no longer yours to decide what happens to them. And soon, we will all see the pathetic excuse for tits you have tucked away in that hideous excuse of a bra

  5. David

    In a sense, we already know. You can tell by what’s already been shared that she’s woefully deficient in her chest compared with other women. The details remain unknown, but the basic facts can’t be hidden.

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