59 – The exposure post she was scared off for weeks (part 4)

Nobody would ever voluntarily put a real cock between those humps for fear of catching whatever skin disease she has

The time has come to finally expose this fat flatty in all its “glory”.

You could already see pictures of this flatty and its tiny tits naked, laugh at how ridiculous she looks like in an ill-fitting bra and see for yourself how laughable a sexy outfit looks on her ugly body.

Now, it’s time to see everything she has to offer.

Which is: nothing. No real tits, no sexiness, no womanly shape to her body.

It’s a complete embarrassment. Watching her put a dildo between her “tits” looks so ridiculous that one cannot imagine that she ever had a real cock there, or that she even ever touched a real cock.

Even her pussy is as ugly as her tiny tits

This “pussy” hasn’t seen any cock for ages

Pictures of her should be used to stop kids from having sex too early. After seeing a disgusting pussy like this, any young boy will likely give up sex for years before even thinking about it again.

Get exposed like her if your tits are as small, saggy and useless as hers

Her pussy’s shape is weird, it looks as unhealthy as the rest of her body, and even the color is more vomit-inducing than anything else.

This picture reveals all her ugliness at once

No tits, fat, an ugly, misshapen body – this flatty doesn’t have anything going for itself

If you really want something to laugh at, look at this picture of her in the Gorean slave position.

This position really reveals how fat she is – and still, she doesn’t have any tits at all.

Her body is nothing more than one big piece of flesh – but all in her stomach, her arms and her legs, and nothing in her tits.

For her, waking up and looking in the mirror must be a complete nightmare, day in and day out.

Let her know how ugly she is in the comments

Let her know a final time how ugly she is, now that you have seen everything. Let’s make sure she regrets ever having begged to get exposed online – and that her self-confidence is as ruined as her body.

10 thoughts on “59 – The exposure post she was scared off for weeks (part 4)

  1. seejay

    Fucking hell…. If I didn’t know better, looking at that last picture, I’d be asking why is there is picture of a guy posted on her

  2. Trololo

    Her tits look smaller in the last pic, damn. I was jerking off to the precious breasts of a girl I met some days ago and after seeing your photos I can’t get back my boner, you’re so hideous that you can turn off people just with a glaze at your body, I hope you like that dildo because I don’t think you can be able to get a cock inside that shit you call vagina

  3. Nikki

    Holy shit she is a mess. I really hope she’s good at and enjoys masturbating. Because there is no way she’s getting cock in her life ever. That pussy is so ugly. Not even a lesbian would want to touch that

  4. 57

    Holy cow (pun intended, as that’s what I am). I’ll take having my own inspired subject created (fat and flat) on this blog over looking like that, any day. The fungus on its chest looks horrible. It’s just the icing on the cake. Mmm…cake, I love cake. The only way it should be allowed outside is fully covered, turtle neck shirt, pants, hood over it’s face, because that has to be ugly too. At least, like the rest of us, it knows it’s place, on the floor and getting laughed at.

    1. Davida

      57, she STILL looks better than you. In fact, all these pitiful women are superior to you! If you and she were in the same room, she could order you to crawl to her and start licking, and you know you would thank her for it. Sad tits come and go, but don’t forget your place! You should never say you’d take yours over hers, or anybody’s!

      1. 57

        You’re right. Every single woman on here is superior to me. If any of them ordered me to please them, in any way, I would. I, obviously forgot my place.

  5. Vincenza

    Fat and no tits ….god hates you ….look at that dark pussy it smells from here. You see me, that what a woman should look like

  6. Tsuki

    If somehow she managed to get me this far, to see her naked, the second I would see her uncovered would be the second I get the fuck out of there. Those aren’t tits, they’re just fat… If she lost weight their wouldn’t even be anything there. Small tits isn’t even the right word because there’s no breast tissue in there at all…
    And holy shit that pussy would have me running for the hills 🤢


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