43 Flatty almost dying from embarrassment after the first message

This flat wannabe slut is really one of the most useless flatties with the most useless “tits” one can imagine. The only good thing is that she realizes how useless her “tits” are and that she is inferior to real women.

After telling her story and showing her non-existent “tits” (that even have non-existent nipples, how ridiculous is that?), she got so embarrassed that she didn’t even dare to read and reply to my answer.

Here is what she had to say first.

It’s such a deep fantasy of mine to have my flat chest exposed to everyone but I’ve always been to afraid to actually do it. I know you’d actually do it for me though and I’d have to just accept it. I’ll send whatever photos you’d like. I especially like to be humiliated by having my pancakes compared to real women’s huge tits but whatever you see fit I’ll do.”

At first, she was too embarrassed to even show her “tits”, despite her big promises to do “whatever you see fit”. Then, she sent the pictures from this post and admitted her embarrassment to explain why she didn’t reply for a few days: “I was too embarrassed to show you, but here you go”.

She got really wet when reading posts such as this one about flatties in bikinis, so she desperately wanted to show off how inadequate she looks like in a bikini. Fortunately, she spares the world this view and avoids going out in a bikini whenever she can:

“These are what mine look like in a Bikini😂 I honestly try every which way to avoid wearing a bikini and if I get asked to go to the beach or a pool I will keep my cover up on. I get so bitter and jealous when I see a woman with big boobs wearing a bathing suit so carefree.”

Then, after saying that she was “extremely embarrassed”, she stopped replying. Too bad for this flatty that it’s too late now. She will be exposed to the world for what she is: a useless, flat-chested “girl” that is an embarrassment not only to herself, but to everyone who accompanies her to the beach or a similar place.

Here are the top five reasons why she should hide in a corner and be ashamed of herself:

  1. Her “tits” are extremely tiny and useless and don’t even cast a shadow
  2. Even her nipples are absolutely non-existent, and possible the flattest nipples on this site, in addition to some of the flattest tits
  3. Even the smallest bikini top size is at least three sizes too large, so it’s completely lose – if she were to swim like this, the water would take off her top in 30 seconds or less
  4. She fantasizes about real women’s tits, about being publicly exposed and calls her own tits “pancakes”
  5. She is stupid enough to promise to do “whatever you see fit”, to share her pictures online with the goal of being exposed and then gets too embarrassed to even reply any more.

Any other reasons why she should be ashamed and embarrassed? Share them in the comments.

21 thoughts on “43 Flatty almost dying from embarrassment after the first message

  1. Mellman

    Well the only thing she may have going for her is that with such unless tits, she probably has not been fucked much because her lack of womanhood so maybe she has a tight cunt still.

  2. Masterj

    That is very humiliating, my guess is that she was wet taking and sending the pictures. She probably didn’t respond right back because she couldn’t keep her hands off the not so used cunt she has between her legs. Does your mom have tits? Send a pic showing us how wet you get thinking about being stripped in front of real women that have tits and being made to show you have nothing.

    1. embarrassedflatty

      My mom and my sister both have tits. Somehow I got skipped over. My mom once said, “I don’t know what happened to yours.” And often makes comments about my flat “tits”. It greatly adds to my shame and embarrassment

  3. embarrassedflatty

    It definitely does. One comment that particularly made me feel like less of a woman was when I was telling my mom how a 6 month old I care for wouldn’t stop crying or fall asleep in my arms. Her response was “oh, he needs boobs.” It’s shameful to think that I can’t even comfort a baby as well due to my lack of womanhood. I definitely feel very ashamed about it and she pokes fun at it whenever she can

      1. embarrassedflatty

        You’re right. I wanted to have a child with my ex boyfriend but he cheated on and left me to breed a real woman with very full DD cup looking breasts. That has always been deeply degrading and humiliating to me

  4. Anonymous

    How do you feel in front of teenage girls whose boobs are bigger and prettier than your little toddler tits? I’m sure they consider you just a small kid before them.

    1. embarrassedflatty

      Oh wow this one really hit. I am absolutely mortified and ashamed whenever I see teenage girls that have big gorgeous boobs. I usually try to hide my chest around them. I feel less than those women in every way and think about how one of them could steal any man I loved in a second. (teenagers who are 18.. they scare me the most :/) My little tiny toddler tits really make me look and feel like a baby compared to them and it’s so humiliating. It truly puts a spotlight on how inadequate I am as a woman when I see those girls.

      1. Anonymous

        Hello flatty. I serve a young, dominant Miss with huge breast who is well aware of her superiority to girls like you. I believe she’d be interested in humiliating you, so hit me up if you want to submit to a goddess.

    2. embarrassedflatty

      I actually have been looking for a goddess to humiliate me and help me know my place as an inferior woman even better. How can I contact you?


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