44 “My college bully really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out”

Take part in the vote on the appropriate punishment for this ugly flatty. Since many months, this flatty with its ugly, saggy tits with its ugly, too large areola, has been reading posts on here about worthless flatties: “Been lurking on your website for a while now 😉 I’m really struggling to reconcile with howContinue reading “44 “My college bully really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out””

43 Flatty almost dying from embarrassment after the first message

This flat wannabe slut is really one of the most useless flatties with the most useless “tits” one can imagine. The only good thing is that she realizes how useless her “tits” are and that she is inferior to real women. After telling her story and showing her non-existent “tits” (that even have non-existent nipples,Continue reading “43 Flatty almost dying from embarrassment after the first message”

35 “my mom would always buy pushup bras for me”

Scroll to the end down for more pictures and to vote on what pictures you want to see next What is your bra size? “B-cups.” How old are you and where are you from? “19/Europe.” Do you wear push up bras or try to make your tits look bigger than they are? “I used toContinue reading “35 “my mom would always buy pushup bras for me””

27 “My friends laughed at me in high school”

When did you realize that your “tits” are smaller than they should be? “My friends laughed at me in high school when they realised I didn’t have a bra on, I thought I might be slightly smaller than a girl should be” What is the most embarrassing/humiliating experience you ever had with your tiny “tits”?Continue reading “27 “My friends laughed at me in high school””

18 “Should I worry about a bra today?”

“Small and saggy, should I even worry about a bra today?” You have a lot of reasons to worry about your “tits”, because they are ugly, but you don’t have a reason to worry about a bra – not today, not ever. Your tits are too small to require one, and since they are alreadyContinue reading “18 “Should I worry about a bra today?””

16 Flattie in need of a boob job

It is a mystery how this hardly-an-a-cup-flattie can muster up the courage to go out in a bikini to work on its tan. There must be countless people who whisper about her behind her back. Every time she hears somebody laugh, chances are high that they are laughing at her; every time somebody glances atContinue reading “16 Flattie in need of a boob job”

14 Ugly flat slut licking toilet seats

At first, this disgusting flattie was extremely arrogant and stubborn. “They’re not completely flat, I have small tits, haha”. Time to teach this worthless pig some manners. It’s hard to lie about your looks and pretend to be a grown-up with some actual tits, when you have “flat chest” written on your, well, flat chest.Continue reading “14 Ugly flat slut licking toilet seats”