44 “My college bully really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out”

Take part in the vote on the appropriate punishment for this ugly flatty.

Since many months, this flatty with its ugly, saggy tits with its ugly, too large areola, has been reading posts on here about worthless flatties: “Been lurking on your website for a while now 😉 I’m really struggling to reconcile with how embarrassed it makes me feel and how much it turns me on.”

However, like many flatties, she is not yet completely out of the denial phase where she is trying to convince herself that her “tits” are bigger than they are: “My cup size is between 38B and 36C so I’d like to think I’m not that flat.”

Yet when she began thinking about past experiences related to her small and ugly “tits”, it became clear that she already had many humiliating experiences due to her inadequacy and that, fortunately, men and women were honest enough to tell her the truth about how useless she is.

First, there was her first boyfriend, who showed her that she could not satisfy him like a real woman could: “I’ve never felt inadequate about my chest, until I started dating my first bf… I realized my tits were too small when he tried to tit fuck me and it wouldn’t work… I think from then on I started letting boys get away with doing more humiliating things to me to overcompensate for my lack of breasts…”

Then, there was her college bully, a real woman with real tits who humiliated her and made fun of her small tits: “I think I have this fetish really thanks to my college bully though. She frequently teased me for having a flat chest and really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out. I don’t think she’s ever called me ugly, but she’ll spit out subtle jabs sometimes that makes me feel really small, like when we’re going to a bar and the bouncer is checking my ID she’ll “swear she’s really legal”, or flirt in front of me with a boy and say “grown up talk” is inappropriate in front me, the boys sometimes even go along with her joke at my expense and she loves it.

I remember this so vividly, one time we went shopping together, and we were trying on clothes in the same fitting room. She tried on a dress and it was so tight on the chest she couldn’t zip it up, so she took it off and said it would look cute on me. I put it on but the collar was so deep that both of my tiny tits were completely exposed. She laughed so hard the entire trip, probably feeling so much superior to me. I still get really wet to this day when I think about how she humiliated me sometimes.”

She has shared many more stories about how people humiliated and used her, yet subconsciously, she somehow still seems to hope to hear that she has attractive tits and that she deserves the respect that a real woman deserves. Let’s make clear to her once and for all that her “tits” are too small, too saggy, overall: really ugly, and that she should be ashamed of how she looks. If anybody ever wants to fuck her, or simply just abuse her like her bully did, she should be grateful and accept her place as a worthless flattie with tiny, ugly “tits” that don’t even deserve the name. Share your thoughts on her “tits” in the comments.

Also, to make things more interesting, let’s take a vote on what her next punishment should be.

10 thoughts on “44 “My college bully really enjoyed using my B cups to make her DDs stand out”

  1. NaN

    Goodness they look so sad they’re like the Eeyore of boobs depressed and too tired to stay up. Your bully should have have given your bra an actual purpose and looped your panties through the strap. At least then they’d be holding up something worthwhile.

  2. Masterj

    It’s ok that they aren’t much and they are saggy, your going to be a good humiliation slut. You know you are. So tell me when was the last time you got fucked and what degrading things you had to do to make getting fucked a reality?

  3. Anonymous

    With tits like that you only deserve to be treated like a 10yo girl… No wonder your bully saw you like an overgrown kid, not like a woman… I loved the “grown-up talk” expression. Certainly appropiated for a flat little girl like you

  4. Nextsoft

    Here’s the thing: I’ve seen worse looking tits. But yours stand out for how utterly unremarkable they are. They’re small, asymmetrical, drooping…there’s just nothing about them that stands out positively in any way. I’ve seen smaller tits, but yours still aren’t large enough to fill out a sundress or swimsuit. So it’s not that I hate your tits, it’s that I simply don’t care about them and they don’t do anything for me. You only hate things you care about, and your boobs are so completely unremarkable I just can’t be arsed to care about them.

  5. Anonymous

    I really hope you start a blog on Tumblr chronicling all the things your bully says and does to you. Start following pet-shop-girl and ask her what she would encourage you to do about your bully.

  6. TittieCritic

    This is a great comparison of what a woman should and should not look like. 44’s Inferior genes really stand out here. You should thank you’re college friend for even talking to you. None the less hanging out with you in public. You should have bought her bras for her. To say thank you. For all the charity work she was doing by hanging out with you. if you get Implants and fixed your saggy granny boobs. They would still look ugly. They just don’t look good. Both boobs are completely different shapes.


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