47 California Flatty in its underwear (part 2)

A woman with very small breasts trying to make them look attractive in see through underwear
With this see through bra, the shadows from her a-cup bra completely disappear

The next day, the next level of embarrassment for this poor, ugly, boyish “girl”. Too bad that her bra doesn’t really cover her “tits”; although, then again, there isn’t really anything to cover, anyway.

The girlish underwear is the only thing that makes her look like a girl. Her tits don’t really cast a shadow, and everything, from the slightly overweight thighs, to the slightly too big belly, to the much too flat chest wouldn’t look much different on a typical man who doesn’t work out.

So what do we have here. A crossdresser? Are we going to see a tiny cock underneath the underwear in one of the next posts? Or is this really an ugly, unattractive, titless woman who, despite being 19, doesn’t even seem to have entered puberty?

As always, share your thoughts and insults in the comments.

9 thoughts on “47 California Flatty in its underwear (part 2)

  1. Anonymous

    She doesn’t seem to have entered puberty because she hasn’t… Oh god she’s as titless as a 5yo girl whose parents don’t think she needs a bra so she can play at the beach in just bikini bottoms 🤣🤣🤣

    Don’t you think she should wear more childish panties? With princesses or unicorns drawn… So that’s easier to recognize her as the fucking titless litte girl she is 🤣🤣

  2. yyourdirtybabyy

    i couldn’t last long without masturbating and orgasming. I took a cucumber straight out of the fridge and pumped that inside of me, the cold making me clench up. At the same time, I desperately rubbed my clit. I also put sucky vacuum toys on my flat tits bc they make me feel at least a little hopeful that one day, they will grow. As requested, here is what I fantasized about:

    I want to be used and abused by men and real women, but looking like a little boy, I know I don’t deserve it 🙁 I thought about what it would be like to be restrained, gagged, and stuffed with lil toys in my bum and cunt. Perhaps a crotch rope to hold them in place and make me painfully aware of how empty I feel compared to being filled with a real cock. I want to watch my daddy, or my owner fuck a real woman with big, beautiful breasts, while letting me lick her, or suck her perfect tits. I want him to cum in her and for me to clean her out. I want them to leave me extremely horny and wet to be called a shameful set of holes, a worthless cock pocket, a desperate dumb lil piggy in heat. I want them to refuse to let me cum with anything but anal and to only get a mans dick in my cunt when I’m crying and broken down into a sad titless whore.

    I came so hard I was shaking and the cucumber was covered in juices.

    1. smalltitshumiliation

      You’re a disgusting, filthy pig. You can’t even go a few days without rubbing your dirty cunt, and then you abuse a cucumber because you’re too flat and ugly to get a cock. even if your life depended on it.

      You should be ashamed of yourself, you worthless flatty.

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  6. Mick

    This picture is laugable, where did flatty 47 get such a small bra. I nearly though I saw a cock poking out of her panties. She has little or no curves, no tits, absolutely no distinguishing features of a woman. Why would any man want to fuck flatty 47 unless to humilate and degrade her.
    Flatty 47 craves the humiliation she needs, I bet she rubs her tiny clit or maybe she has a tiny cock to every word written about her.

    This flatty is obviously a gangbang fuckpig but are there any takers


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