47 flat-chested 19 year old California “girl”

This 19 year old looks really ugly and is completely embarrassed in this outfit that exposes her total lack of tits
This is supposed to be a sexy outfit – but she just looks like a boy attempting cross-dressing for the first time

After having masturbated to the pictures of the other poor flatties exposed on here, this flatty finally developed the courage to want to be humiliated as well.

However, instead of exposing her all at once, I decided to slowly expose her over a number of days, so that every time she got used to mentally handle the embarrassment, she has to deal with even more humiliating pictures of her being posted online.

On this picture, she is still somewhat dressed in her “sluttiest outfit”. One can already see that she doesn’t have any tits at all and should clearly avoid showing any kind of cleavage if she doesn’t want strangers to laugh at her because of how ridiculous she looks.

For the next days, I will post more pictures with fewer clothes and more humiliation each day.

Until the final picture is posted, this ugly flatty is only allowed to cum if she describes how she masturbates and what she is fantasizing about in a comment on here. Let’s see if this flatty’s mind is as fucked up as its “tits”.

Share your thoughts about this worthless, titless flatty in the comments and also share your thoughts about which humiliating task she has to complete for the grand finale.

What is your bra size?

“I have b cups”

How old are you and where are you from?

“I’m 19 and from the East Bay Area, CA.”

Do you wear push up bras or try to make your tits look bigger than they are?

“I don’t wear push ups or try to make them bigger, other than really liking how much heavier they feel when I’m on all fours.”

8 thoughts on “47 flat-chested 19 year old California “girl”

    1. Aaron

      Who in their right mind could find such a view arousing? This flatty is probably still a virgin, no real man would fuck a woman without tits

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