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#49 This slut feels “beyond mortified and ashamed” for having her tiny tits exposed (part 2)

An ugly woman poses in mis-matching underwear with a fat belly that is bigger than her non-existent tits
She looks like a complete joke in underwear – her belly is bigger than her “tits”

As I wrote here, this flat-chested slut first begged to be publicly humiliated and then felt so ashamed and scared after showing me her tiny “tits” that she hid underneath her blanket for days and thought just ignoring her tasks and not replying would suddenly turn her into an adequate woman.

Needless to say: it didn’t. Also needless to say: after the first post about her, she came crawling back and admitted that everything I had written is true.

I saw your post of me in the dress. I am so beyond mortified and ashamed. You were right, I was very embarrassed after I first reached out to you and was trying to pretend it hadn’t happened. You’re gonna post the other ones whether I want you to or not, aren’t you? I can’t believe the whole world will be able to see how much I lack as a woman. I want to hide from everybody and hide my pathetic chest but I can’t now and it’s humiliating.

Flatty 49

It’s always enjoyable to see how predicable “women” with tiny tits are: first, they pretend that their “tits” are okay and not really too small. Then, they realize that their tits are too small, but pretend that it doesn’t matter or that nobody notices. After a number of embarrassing experiences, most of them can no longer hide the truth – and they begin to enjoy the humiliation.

They seek out more humiliating experiences on purpose. But often, they begin to fall back into their old behavior patterns because the shame is just too much.

It is only after they have surpassed this initial valley of shame that they can fully and permanently accept their place as flatties and their inferior rank in the social pecking order that comes with it.

While it may at times be a bit annoying to deal with “flaky flatties” that are going through the initial valley of shame, it is also the most enjoyable time for sadists to play with them: never again, before or after, do they feel so terribly embarrassed about their ugly tits.

Let’s see how flatty 49 will feel once she has been completely and permanently exposed. Let her know how ugly and small her “tits” look like. Right now, her self-esteem is at an all time low, so now is the best point in time to get your message through to her.

And come back within the next few days to www.smalltitshumiliation.com to see her completely naked.

48 She is desperately trying to make her ugly tits look nice with sexy underwear

Her ugly tits look even more ridiculous in this cheap, ill-fitting bra
No underwear in the world can make her ugly tits look any more attractive
After she was too stupid to complete her original punishment, she had to redo her humiliating writing task
Since she was too stupid to complete the task at first, she had to rewrite some of the lines

After flatty number 48 got exposed on here, she felt terribly ashamed of her ugly tits and embarrassed about being exposed and the comments she received.

In a desperate attempt to feel better about her ugly, uneven tits, she tried to make them look better with this playful bra – by hiding their unevenness and her oversized areola. Too bad for her that it doesn’t work. Everybody who has seen her ugly tits – which, since she has been publicly and irrevocably exposed online as a “woman” with ugly tits might be just about anybody with access to the internet – will immediately see through her desperate attempt and recognize her ugly tits through any underwear or even complete outfit that she might put on.

An attractive woman with firm, large, evenly sized tits looks attractive in lingerie. You just look more ugly and ridiculous than you do naked – which is quite an impressive achievement, since you’re already nothing but a laughingstock in the first post.

Since she was not only too stupid to recognized the flaws of her tits, but also to complete her writing task, as was pointed out in the comments, she had to redo a part of it. Hopefully this has helped destroy the last bits of her self-confidence that her subconsciousness was trying to cling to.

47 flat-chested 19 year old California “girl”

This 19 year old looks really ugly and is completely embarrassed in this outfit that exposes her total lack of tits
This is supposed to be a sexy outfit – but she just looks like a boy attempting cross-dressing for the first time

After having masturbated to the pictures of the other poor flatties exposed on here, this flatty finally developed the courage to want to be humiliated as well.

However, instead of exposing her all at once, I decided to slowly expose her over a number of days, so that every time she got used to mentally handle the embarrassment, she has to deal with even more humiliating pictures of her being posted online.

On this picture, she is still somewhat dressed in her “sluttiest outfit”. One can already see that she doesn’t have any tits at all and should clearly avoid showing any kind of cleavage if she doesn’t want strangers to laugh at her because of how ridiculous she looks.

For the next days, I will post more pictures with fewer clothes and more humiliation each day.

Until the final picture is posted, this ugly flatty is only allowed to cum if she describes how she masturbates and what she is fantasizing about in a comment on here. Let’s see if this flatty’s mind is as fucked up as its “tits”.

Share your thoughts about this worthless, titless flatty in the comments and also share your thoughts about which humiliating task she has to complete for the grand finale.

What is your bra size?

“I have b cups”

How old are you and where are you from?

“I’m 19 and from the East Bay Area, CA.”

Do you wear push up bras or try to make your tits look bigger than they are?

“I don’t wear push ups or try to make them bigger, other than really liking how much heavier they feel when I’m on all fours.”

Are you flat and in need of humiliation?

Are you flat-chested? Do you have tiny, ugly or saggy tits and get wet if people make fun of them and tell you how ugly and worthless you are?

If yes, the time has come for you to get exposed. Grab a pen, write “smalltitshumiliation.com” on your chest and send me pictures of your ugly mosquito bites to s m a l l t i t s h u m i l i a t i o n [ a t ] g m a i l . c o m

If the whole worlds laughs at your “tits”, maybe they’ll start to grow from shame and embarrassment. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?