Are your tits too small?

Do you want to know if your tits are too small? Do you want to know what men (and women) really think about your tits and say behind your back but do not say to you directly because they do not want to hurt your feelings?

Do you want to know if you are doomed to be an unattractive toy to be abused, always needing to worry about your husband or boyfriend having an affair with a large-breasted woman?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, submit pictures of your flat chest to smalltitshumiliation (at) gmail dot com and you‘ll find out how inadequate you really are.

11 Notice the flattie on the carpet?

One almost doesn‘t notice this flattie on the carpet

If a real woman is sitting topless on a carpet, nobody notices the carpet and everyone just stares at her tits and admires her beauty. But with a flattie like her, the first, second and third glance go towards the carpet. Doesn’t it have interesting colors and a wonderfully artistic pattern?

It takes a while to notice that there is a topless “woman” and that her nipples are even hard. And if a colorful carpet can steal away the attention from her “tits”, just imagine how invisible, powerless and useless she must feel everyday in the presence of real women. Poor thing.

10 Ridiculously flat chest

With her “tits”, she should avoid lying on her back at all costs. Even if she were on her knees leaning forward, gravity would not be of much help and her “tits” would be embarrassingly small. But in this position, they are absolutely non existent.

Her ridiculous chest is probably more arousing to homosexual than to heterosexual men. To avoid such a sad sight, she should be prohibited from lying in her back. And every misbehavior should be severely punished – with at least a hundred hits with an appropriate tool on her chest.

If her brain is as small as her tits, training her will be a challenging task. Intense pain, however, will likely make her compliant – hopefully before her chest is completely destroyed. Although then again, there is not much than can be “lost” anyway.

9 “I don’t fill the dress”

“I don’t fill the dress”

When she grew up, she noticed with envy how her female classmates all began to grow tits. Every day, she checked herself in the mirror, hoping that she would finally get some tits as well; every night, she cried herself to sleep, praying that the next morning, she would wake up and finally see something – anything – on her chest other than nipples.

Now that she’s grown up, she still doesn’t have any tits. All she is is a useless piece of disgusting meat that nobody wants to fuck. Nobody even cares about her. Complete ignorance by males and years of bullying by her large-breasted classmates have destroyed her completely. All she has left from her childhood are painful memories of being ridiculed, ignored and abused – and this piece of paper, which her classmates put on her whenever they were taught by her favorite teacher, on whom she had a crush.

When he raped her ass and mouth, she didn’t dare to tell anybody. Not that anybody would have believed her. Who – perhaps other than gays – would be interested in a disgustingly ugly flat chest such as hers?

8 „do I have nice breasts?“

„Do I have nice breasts?“

Are you kidding me? What would be nice about your “breasts”? You hardly have any “breasts”. They are too small to deserve the name. Your areola and nipples are almost bigger than your “tits”. You should be ashamed of yourself and stop pretending that you are a real woman. You’re not.

7 stupid little rape toy

„Stupid little rape toy for older man :)“

She dreams of being raped by a man – finally, for once in her life, it would be a sign that, despite lacking a woman’s most attractive feature, she is desirable. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, all of her attempts have failed: getting a nipple piercing, running around dressed like a slut and walking around drunk and alone at night could not make her dream come true of feeling sexually attractive. The only reason somebody would fuck her is out of boredom or to get some enjoyment from destroying her pussy, but never because she is desirable.

6 flat whore

Flat whore
Ridiculous tit-fuck

It’s painful to watch how desperately she would like some male attention and how happy she would be with a cock on her chest. But without tits, obviously, a tit fuck is impossible. If she presses her chest together with all her force, she is barely able to make such a tiny pen stick for a few seconds. The tiniest cock in the world would still appear gigantic between her nipples.

If she ever wants to get fucked, she’d better go outside naked and beg strangers to rape her. Or, better yet, she should pay them for their services. She can still work as a whore. But with her negative tit size, she has to charge negative amounts. If she’s really lucky, she might be able to find a homeless person willing to use her. And if she begs and pays him all her money, he might be kind enough to pee on her tits. That’s certainly the only reason they should ever come in contact with a cock.

Share your thoughts and insults in the comments. What would you do to her?

5 try hard slut

“Thought you’d enjoy a laugh at my expense”

Oh, yes I do. Your tiny tits are a disgraceful embarassment. Too bad that they stopped growing too soon – you will never be a real woman. When a man sees a real woman, he will simply have to look at her and admire her beauty, even when she is fully dressed.

But men will never even notice you, not even when you’re completely naked. So out of desperation, you got both your nipples pierced (as many flat whores do in an embarassing attempt to draw attention to their “tits”) and wrote degrading but true statements on your body in various colors.

Yet you can try as hard as you want. You will always remain a piece of meat to be abused and laughed at by men, and never an object of desire.

4 “barely an aa”

“Barely an aa… embarrassing useless flattie”

You look disgusting. At least your brain must be a bit larger than your chest is big because you’re clever enough to know that you should be ashamed of your chest. You have the flattest chest one can imagine. It is absolutely, 100 percent unattractive and a massive turnoff even for the horniest men. To attract some sexual attention and get cocks hard, you will really need to work insanely hard and flush your honor and your dignity down the toilet. That is, if you have any left – after what must be a lifetime full of bullying from real women.

3 „please make fun of my flat chest“

„Please make fun of my flat chest“

Clearly this flattie is not just lacking tits, but also has a brain that is only the size of her basically non-existent tits. Otherwise, she would not have been too stupid to realize that she needs to write on her body the other way round if she wants people to be able to read the degrading texts on her.

It’s a desperate cry for attention by a flat wannabe slut that nobody wants to fuck or even abuse. Her belly is almost bigger than her tits – she should really be embarrassed and ashamed of herself.